Goods Services Tax is the major phenomena of the Marketing India ,spreading the globe the acts of the Indian Profiteering ,so the global attraction will remain on India as it could increase domestic savings after passing the GST ,the International consumers will attack on the economy to grasp the cream.

Recently many of the amendments carried out by the Indian Parliament some of them favors humanity like  Juvenile Justice act ,Reduction of age consideration in heinous crime for children below age 18 (due to NIRBHAYA case .Transportation ,Improvements in trade and commerce with Iran ,built a Chabahar port by bypassing Pakistan the Increasing global relation of India with Britain,US,EU the another efforts which Indian Government gave for the policies by increasing the bank accounts for the poor households by reducing the and efforting on corruption .

The Institution like IMF worlbank have foretasted the GDP growth surge while sentiments and enviroment also supporting the cues .

In and all the best role of government comes into play for boosting it by passing the GST bill .the growth and downside are the phases of the economy but the suppoeting it is the key role .

Dipak P.


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