An Effective Organisation

An Effective Organisation

Hey Guys Today I and my  mind was discussing with the book about the organisation so we have reached to some conclusion at the end of it and so my brain told me to post it on the blog where you could analyse the transcript of the gossip.

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I was reading the thinkers Book ,(Administrative Thinkers ) where some historic thinkers gave their effective contribution to the world society some of them are  Herbert Simon,Chris Argyriz Karl Marx,Merry Parker Follet etc .they are thinkers and all have contributed to the organisations in which we are enjoying the life of stress free institutions .Ever organisation or management fields must have studied . So, i have came up with some logic that I feel are necessary for the new comers in the business with a short approach.

  • You have to think or try to think the psychological factors of the organisation analytically by which your brain will link the Profit oriented strategies
  • After psychology the role of well peaceful and stability should be their in your mind .
  • The clarity of the organisation always be their .
  • The effective grip  of communication Have to be developed over the personal attitudinal  perception. If you increase your perception then it probably will broadens your understanding and will develop the habit of Understanding the clients of yours .
  • The role of staff generation and belief you will be boosting by having  proper law system .
  • The effective consistency  in your work should be reflected ,in and all


The organisation structure is always reflects a matrix forms where your brains dimension should be matrix neural structure like one neuron have many dendrites ,so the execution of opportunities will take speed and you will be always ahead of the other market giants .     The Role of Practical experiences will play the the tremendous role in your professional life .

Some Tips (personal)

  • Always have a balanced approach.

It will come through healthy habits also ,Like meditation-yoga-healthy diet positive approach .whatever you feel like stress relief you should do it.

  • Read Read & keep Reading the good Books.

Reading always keep mind in active mode ,brain in running mode and diverse thinking .so again please keep reading .for increase of awareness keep reading the news ,books,novels and always have a learning attitude.

In the next post I will take you in some advance structure about what thinkers have really contributed 


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When I tried speed read,..then?

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