Life of an Indian Civil servant

Life of an Indian Civil servant

Recently I heard the Gaurav Agrawal from his recent lecture in forum IAS desk on YouTube ,he  sincerely mentioned his posting in place where light rarely comes,he stated the place is like 150 yrs old cultured ,low literacy level. Then he told that how his family (wife and 6 month old baby ) lives there in and expressed the crying of her baby if electricity gone and how her wife airing baby with wedding card.He further stated ,He asked his own mind “Gaurav is it worth!”,then his mind replied “yes ..It’s worth”.Yes he is an IAS officer and he was prepared for it ,he was ready to accept challenges for India ,yes he deserved his AIR 1 ,yes thats what upsc choose the real talent;the charming patience;the #Dish of India ,for Indian citizens ,for mother India.

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In his speech he gave the reasons of his satisfaction by giving example of Kamlibai and her 38 yrs old land ;since 1978 she is struggling just because patwari of that time forgot mistakenly to write her name along with her other family members and she could not claim her own land but she is fighting,and for her Gaurav could work an IAS could work which gives him satisfaction.His energy and work-ability increases when people looks at her with the Ray of Justice,thats why he satisfied and every IAS get his satisfaction .where his perks are,  neither he used it nor he might font of it,where is money in this ,to which human salutes .But the ultimate satisfaction is there ,and thats what the work of man is.

This babu handles everything in the jurisdiction he allotted the work load is huge but he manages it smoothly ,the surrounding is challenging but he lives like as water in fire the executive pillar is nonetheless important but the balancing one and the reason of peace the revolutionist ,the care taker ,the MAi BAap of the people ,the formulator IAS officer is the important one .

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  1. e aceita Jesus como Salvador, e também quando novamente, e também ter com Ele
    aquela confraria tão gostosa e maravilhosa que nossos corações irão saltar dentro do peito, querendo explodir, porém melhor é que isso também acontecerá com coração do


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