State Of Women:India vs US of America

State Of Women:India vs US of America

“Society sometimes rules the rule” today we discussing about women from India and America.

I was surfing the internet,I came across some pages wrote over freedom of women . I read them but where I am living was the different from other.

First we will discuss the women from India.
the women in India is like the example of tolerance. because they always tolerate society ,either it is her house ,office or her environment where she stays .she sometimes or can say tolerate many times the society. Indian women feels that she has more than anything to tolerate,before doing the things like roaming on the streets ,taking with strangers , she many times thinks the protection of herself ,the security of her ,from the crime ,allegations,torturing there are many examples which we see in daily life by our own eyes,we read newspaper we see the things not favouring them ,we see injustice . and that’s reality of India . but on the other side the Indian women’s performance in prospering India’s growth is ultimate. The Indian government ,United Nations Human rights commission ,the regional commission of women supporting and uplifting the dignity of every individual. GOI launches many programme for securing the dignity ,security of women and let then perform in every field where male is standing .

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Lets discuss about women in America . American women is more than free and enjoying absolute fundamental rights . they always have freedom without as much restrictions the Indian women have .from the society and that’s what the fact is.

overall freedom was the point of attraction over the issue ,where the whole society accept the things ,the picture changes automatically .

Some days ago I read news about Pakistan ,that member of parliament proposed a bill for allowing the husband to beat
her spouse.
second example i have found strange which was from India ,in Maharashta the women have presented on the very second day after her marriage because her husband not found bleeding during the intercourse . Very strange na…I have to say here that as place changes scenario changes and the state Of women differs
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