Psychology:Human ,Monkey,Neuroscience :Lesson for Us

Psychology: Human ,Monkey,Neuroscience :Lesson for Us

(The Mind Tricks For Daily communications 🙂 )

As we have listened the story of monkey that they behave same or act same what others act in front of them . As the days goes we grown up and later we got aware of science  ,neuroscience psychology etc. I related the things with psychology and made its use for human behavior  and wrote it here for my readers with suitable example.

Behavior of monkey is something copying the things from other and human is its modern form ,human further learnt to hide the things which he learnt or copied from others he developed himself but what he developed to hide ,he again discovered how to reveal hidden things. Interesting.and I found one of it .

In psychology there is term Mirror Neurons which we further elaborate as Law of attraction .How this relates, I have read some books which claims this law of attraction say like The Secret -Rhonda Byrne ,& The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams.They claim to have this things but isn’t it philosophical rather than scientific .So for fulfilling the gap of philosophy and psychology we will use the term Mirror neurons.

How Mirror Neurons work  As we know human is made up of magnetic fields Not I am saying this, I have read it.So what neurons do is when we communicate with someone our behavior or information or acts started synchronize with the human in front of us.Then this neurons get attracted towards each other -as this neurons filled up with experiences and knowledge what we have gained earlier .So this helps to understand what is just going on inside the mind of person who standing in front of us and we say ” I know what are you thinking” we judge them like this with our own neuronal information .now I think You better understand the thing Mirror Neurons/Law of attraction .

Now the point is how human could use this in his daily behavior so I am taking one example here –

When we having the conversation with someone you just think about what you want to understand to the person who communicating with you .

Suppose your boss is their and you are gone late on the work,then your boss will call you then what you have to do is just think like “I will not shout on you today “ don’t think like say “boss will not shout otherwise things will go in favor of boss that is he  will definitely shout then .Now as you have thought “I will Not shout because you came late ” then your neurons and the neurons of the boss will get activate and attract each other and they will force your boss not to shout on you.and the things controlled by you on spot.  When you will  try just have confidence ,these are the mind things and tricks which you could use in daily life. and the Interesting thing is that its scientific and not philosophical in nature .

Human is machine which get modified by human itself so Discover the things in you and apply and share it.I will explain how you should defend the things if you are boss and your employee is trying this mind trick on you 🙂 in next coming ithink BLOg. stay in touch and please give feedback I will respect your Feedback’s  .Which will Motivate me .

Thank You

 If you still feeling doubt or not getting convinced please comment .

The Book I would like to suggest you Is Here –

The Myth of Mirror Neurons: The Real Neuroscience of Communication and Cognition 1st edition by Hickok, Gregory (2014) Hardcover

I read some but found useful

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Or Motivate me by sharing or motivate me more by making comment your each and every comment to Which I will Respect and will try to make better for society ,which is my final goal Thank You .Please Keep reading.and visiting my blog  and suggest me ideas for society . 🙂 .

4 thoughts on “Psychology:Human ,Monkey,Neuroscience :Lesson for Us”

  1. I really love your website.. Great colors & theme.

    Did you create this website yourself? Please reply
    back as I’m attempting to create my very own website and would like to learn where you got this
    from or exactly what the theme is called.
    Many thanks!


  2. yeah agree with your written text. Inn science too, positive attracts negative and vice-versa.
    You supplied an example of Boss and Employee. Boss would shout upon employee if employee is not consistent and sincere in his/her work, which indicates Boss a positively charged person. And On the other hand, employee is negatively charged. here, Law of attraction is true in respect of Science and Philosophy( Prakriti and purusha of Samkhya, Monads of Libetnitz, cause and effect,) as well.

    Thank you very much GreenTwit for providing additional information.

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