Why Yoga Day Celebrated Internationally?

Most of the people know about Yoga they might have read somewhere on the internet or might take training or Listened from any one but I Would tell some Personal Observation will conclude why it should be celebrated Globally Or Universally If Nasa found Life on some other planet.

I will take you some to physical aspects first ,as I am active practitioner since last International Yoga Day.

  • Yoga made my concentration clear my nervous system performs better now than previous its like I am always an active in awareness and always take my work happily .
  • Yoga makes my breath in stream since I am doing yoga gradually i have found that my breathing pattern changed ,pattern means the rhythm of my breath and also as compare to previous it took me i feel some efforts while breathing,which makes me sluggish in the work .
  • I found that when I sung a song the voice and regulation of the notes which I feel is completely in the streamed and linearly  aligned to the center of my body .and that was fabulous .

Some appearance related benefits.

  • I found that my skin glowed from previous ,as blood flows thoroughly through out the body it nourishes the skin of ours .
  • skin tightens and personality improvement i felt .

Some Social Benefits were also there 

  • As I have found the pattern of my internal thoughts were drastically improved ,the Dimension of thoughts broadens and ultimately it reflected in my social skill as it boosted and multiplied my confidence  .
  • Another Social benefit I found Is I always maintained positivism towards any of the impacting  thoughts ,I felt Like no vibrations could damage my bodily rhythm so It gave me Boost automatically .
  • You would feel a Psychological Boost in your own .

Some spiritual Benefits 

  • I felt Like cosmic the grasping of Cosmic energy and sense of purity in my body.the pleasurist  approach towards my bodily work .
  • The feeling of supernatural power also could experienced by one if he consistently will do the Yoga .

Some Suggestions 

  • Have proper time and stretch while doing yoga ,because if did it wrongly then you have to be ready for improper results .
  • have proper guidance and start with allowing minimum time per asanas say start from seconds .
  • try to remain in same posture rather than changing the asanas continuously
  • don’t run background music cause it could disturb your whole day.
  • do it after or before escercise no matters ,but Yoga is necessary In your daily Life


Recommanded Yogas From my side 

  • Shavasana
  • Sun Salutation(Surya Namaskar)
  • Matsyasan
  • Shirsashan
  • And finally meditation

Some Rules 

Yam …Niyam ..Asan… Ahar… pratyahar Chintan …Sadhana ….Samadhi

One could say that this article is talking about positives only ,But for those I would like to say ,If you are doing it properly then tell me the negatives /disadvantage of yoga. you will hardly find it ,Because its natural excercise and made for Human for the health and prosperty the ultimate benifits you could have by doing it.

It has nothing to do anything with respect relegion ,The one who will do Yoga he will have the edge in competative Life

Have a peaceful ,Prosperous,Spritual ,Healthy, and More than Wealthy Life So do not hesitate to do Yoga from International Yoga Day.

Do Not hesitate to ask Me anything contact mentioned in side bar or Click This 


🙂 Thank You 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Why Yoga Day Celebrated Internationally?”

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