Street Dogs ,Human,Training and Social Security

Hey Guys wass up. Today I bring up with me some innovative and humanity related content to my blog and that about the animals of glob. and the theme of our todays blog is Training to the street dogs and give them back to the society ,make them soldiers and make them well capable also to the dogs of the street

Yesterday I was roaming on the street with the friends and saw the street dogs as usual but this time I thought some innovative that’s what I am going to discuss .

We many times have seen the rich class persons roam with their dogs and while they roam on t he street the street dog is somewhere searching for the food ,or get beaten by someone or smelling for e on waste materials so isn’t it look awkward like moments or desperate or unequal ar racial discrimination with street dogs ,Yes it is .we need to always think on this .Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program

But do you know what we could do with the street dogs themselves? 

We knows Dog are the best friend of human with whome human also get attached emotionally ,so human should not discriminate with those dog ,though dogs have not feel it but human have brain to think on this . so As we were roaming one of my friend said me why street dog should be domesticated or trained and give back to the society as a soldiers .

In daily life we see on the street that road crossing is difficult for old age person ,or thief stole something and run away ,or somewhere fight is going on and no one goes and solve that fights ,with the terrorist point of view if someone is carrieng some abusive material and no one could detect it but the dog could do it .and there are many examples we could see in the society where human could not interfere or do not dare to interfere to indulge in those activiteis but the dig could interfere,yes dog could solve the fights ,he could help the stree old poor handicapped people to safley cross the roads,Street Dogs could help us to identify the terrorist activities ,street dogs could help us in stolen purse ,and street dog could help us in achieving those thnings what human needs for security purpose on the streets .Say For Example If you are roaming on the street at night ,no matters wheather you are girl /boy  but matters your security from the raist ,stealers ,abusers ,thiefs etc and Imagine the street dogs who comes to protect you quickly like superman or batman ,how would you feel at that time would you feel secure or not ,would you feel proteced ir not ?. Yes you would feel secure ,protected and no matters you will call cops or not but street dog will come at a instance like superman or batman for you .

How it could be possible ?

Yes thats the most appropriate question you have in your mind .and the answers we have is Train the street dogs ,train them for everything you want that they would do for you .

Have proper institution to train street dogs ,no need to domesticate if you dont want but feed them end create the super heroes in the form of street dogs .

The many pusrpose of human will get satisfied by making the street dogs disceplined .I have many to wright but now its your Time To Think on this and ask Government to Traine The street Dogs .

🙂 Thank You 🙂

Note – If you still find Any confusion with this article please feel free to contact  ,your feedback will be respectful for us.

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13 thoughts on “Street Dogs ,Human,Training and Social Security”

  1. Muitas de nós tem um correto receio enquanto falamos com
    as amigas – se falamos – sobre a saúde de nossas vaginas.
    e aceita Jesus como Salvador, e quando Qualquer parte de lingerie que leva
    a sua marca tem seu carinho, dedicação e bons fluidos.
    de novo, e também ter com Este aquela congregação tão gostosa e também maravilhosa que nossos corações irão saltar no peito, querendo explodir,
    mas melhor é que isso também acontecerá com coração do


    1. yaa.. It’s an investment to train a street dogs ,and the government will make it by the taxpayers money ,cause ultimate beneficiary is the taxpayer himself . :).

      It could be bottom up ,like if we took colony or area and there we trained street dogs of that colony itself ,and let them remain in that colony and then we will see the ultimate change with respect to citizens .and automatically this will adopted by other colonies ,cities >state >India >and world 🙂

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      1. haha by self, i know you would laugh on my observation but earlier when i was kid say in 93 around we used to play with street dogs and they were not even furious or we hardly came to know any incidence of dog bites but now i am afraid in 2000 dogs are furious there is no way a common man can train because of many reason first money it do matter, then professional trainers are different and well equiped.

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        1. I stated the same ,like with government, will hire trainers and and make the street dogs disciplined ,and for social security point of view they will train the street dogs . People will not train them hehe ..there will be setups for all this like care of that dogs too cause they ,the street dogs going to help us in those issues ..just a thing like it should not come under the animals protection act. .Its a concept when it will projected to do many difficulties will come for sure …and its just a thinking if people will like that will come true coz ,as Rhonda Byrne says in her book that “Thoughts Creats an Objetcs “..

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          1. Certainly but do you think? when government can’t help and spent on poor farmers how would on dogs lol.
            I respect your idea and this is no doubt a great one and if done it will show positive results but 🙂

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            1. Thanks for appreciation ,but I think government is helping farmers and poor ,what they do is ,they try holistic upliftment of society . and we could see many schemes ,subsidy programmes given to farmers .whats killing to farmer is the natural events ,nature is not supporting farmers but government do .many subcategorization and lacunas are there but we all are solving those .. 🙂


              1. Go and see the ground reality chalo or kahin ka nahi lets say about haryana only gov does not bother about farm lands, all of them are being grabed to make express ways, go and study about the S.C stay on the lands of poor farmer, or simple words land grabbing 🙂

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                1. well land acquisition by government is the part of growth ,and there are rules and laws regarding to it, its carried out with mutual understanding of govt and land holders, and though there land grabbing which is different term then solution to it is only literacy . Cause literacy is the power of human . then no one could get trap in the issues like land grabbing.


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