How to promote Your Online/Offline Business

Hey guys my exam days are coming t I still thought to give something to my readers ,It’s about the business ,It’s about your creation ,It’s about your products ,it’s about your earning and finally about me .

Let me tell you, While I was thinking about Business I was always in a gap like who will buy my business and who will get interested in it and many questions remains in my mind .Even I didn’t have any register one at that time, but after some period of time I got my answer and the answer I am going to share with you .

Let me tell you there are some channels ,there are some buyers ,there are some sellers and the combination through which it regulates and support to each other to raise the funds of each other by doing the activity through computer operated technology in the form of marketing is known as affiliate marketing .It’s all about business any one could start with the following some of my known profit-making affiliations programme .which I will mention below .

But But But …before it please categorize you according to Seller,Buyer and the middle man (the affiliate marketer  )


Let’s say if you are Seller ,then you could sell any thing registered like your blog ,or say your handmade crafts ,your own made products ,You could sell jewelry you could sell anything that you think at least people will buy :)and that will be on your own price .Even if you are writer poetry maker ,or any thing you are no matters you could convince others to pay you for your Talent .And for this article I will tell you further the way to reach yourself to the or approach to customer for selling the stuff .and the first – Let find sales leads for you. Only pay when it works! And and second Linkshare Affiliate Network! Linkshare have some selected networks of Business like UK,US,Australia ,Canada etc .and  third I would Recommend commission Junction But not for starting is best untill i am gaining profit through its sale .commission junction you could use after you will boost your hands on affiliate marketer cj good you can see after earning 10,000 $ per month ,consecutive 3 month I meant .Here if you are seller you could make merchants account on it and people will publish your business on their blog as they will be publisher .and they also will gain commission on what you have sold to buyers through their blog .First Learn how shareasale can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site.and then you apply  and Promote Your Online Store.
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Here is the another phase of this affiliate market ,like if you have blog or if you have Twitter,Facebook,or any other social followers you have any blogging site ,or if you have any social database where you could reach or approach the people the products of the sellers then you could also join these networks through Publishers account ,where you could enjoy commissions,or advertisement fees from the seller and it’s free to sign up.No one should miss the opportunity for this .


Most of the people will say I don’t Need the cash and all ,I have much enough cash ,why I should earn that and all. But guys please tell me in this competitive world are you compatible enough ,Dont You think How Bill Gates got Reach  in USA ,and Dhirubhai Ambani Like personalities immerged in this world .So they Know the market ,they know the demand ,they know the how to sale something or anything to the people and they were also Sellers and affiliates of their time ,they learnet the market by being in the market ,buy selling the market .and they got succeed .

Keep In touch with the GreenTwit .Wish You best of luck .For your marketing on shareasale.

🙂 Thank You 🙂

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Listen on iTines Affiliate Buzz #298 – Hot Market Opportunities In Affiliate Marketing – James Martell: Online Entrepreneur, Speaker and Podcaster

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