Sound !! It’s affecting me see how?

Hey guys how are you? Awesome na .. So ,Today I was going by road and there was function going on ,and as usual the function ,the normal function are the loudest in India ,loudest by means the speakers .Though it is loudest,It’s something  never annoys us  cause we  loved that energy flowing through the guest and all those who have functions .By the way the function is not our concern but the sound is cause we always thinks about society .

How we developed our society is our concern ,how society developed function the loudest function is our concern and how functions made the source of loudest music is also our concern .So as of now we have concerns then we have solutuions too .we will discuss it further .But Prior to it we shall see some sound facts .

What is sound ?

Sound is the bunch of air while compressed and release through medium it becomes voice ,Now as it already becomes voice it never ends ,cause according to Indian Shastras ,The sound never destroyed it get remains in the universe .Secondly The sound is something while provokes in sanskrit language so it becomes the total universal language with 108 words ,because Sanskrit having 108 words which covers the sound of whole Universe .I am not saying this but history and source from which I have listened it .

Now ,How this sound could works with you ? or How it affects to you ?

There was a research in the foreign university on this .And that includes the water also but we will talk about water in some other article ,but for now it is important to discuss about sound .So research says “If we say by and produce voice by looking at water and kept blaming it or abusing it then the micro-structure of the water becomes uneven and darker in color ”  on the other side “If you said thank you by looking at the water then the structure of water becomes like pure crystal and also circular like white snow which santaclause offers to us on christmas ” and the othe fact is our body made up of 70% of water and now you can imagine how this sound affects us and how our life changes .

Third I would like to discuss about the speech of sounds In usual life when we speak I always seen in India the tones and speech of voice varies according to the person psychich state .Like if someone have anger bursted in his head then you could listen something strange 🙂 ,the states of moods i meant like Joy ,Love ,Happiness ,sadness the sound changes and when this changed sound we throw in the universe then the things changes .the things changes for you ,the things changes for surrounding and ultimately it could reach to me also because everyone is connected in the universe .

Some books To read on sound If you want my read .


The books I have mentioned could give you some deeper idea about the magics of sound ,they have many scientfic evidences supporting to the argument .

So ,How you could beaware all of these sounds ?

The only way is the music because music is the gift to human by the nature ,and even nature in itself always in the Singing mode ,everyone might have experienced it th natural have smiling face will always let you remain  on the tip of nature and connected to nature .Have some greens in the house .

About nature I would like to say nature by default is singer ,Rivers are singing ,trees are singing and and wow everything in the nature is singing in the continious harmonic motion and that felt me always awesome

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Secondly You could create your own music if you hold some software knowledge then it would be great to creat your own software by voice and some music and all you could find some accesories related to it like you could use  Sony Creative Software for making natural sounds with clearity etc .

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