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Why Yoga Day Celebrated Internationally?

Most of the people know about Yoga they might have read somewhere on the internet or might take training or Listened from any one but I Would tell some Personal Observation will conclude why it should be celebrated Globally Or Universally If Nasa found Life on some other planet.

I will take you some to physical aspects first ,as I am active practitioner since last International Yoga Day.

  • Yoga made my concentration clear my nervous system performs better now than previous its like I am always an active in awareness and always take my work happily .
  • Yoga makes my breath in stream since I am doing yoga gradually i have found that my breathing pattern changed ,pattern means the rhythm of my breath and also as compare to previous it took me i feel some efforts while breathing,which makes me sluggish in the work .
  • I found that when I sung a song the voice and regulation of the notes which I feel is completely in the streamed and linearly  aligned to the center of my body .and that was fabulous .

Some appearance related benefits.

  • I found that my skin glowed from previous ,as blood flows thoroughly through out the body it nourishes the skin of ours .
  • skin tightens and personality improvement i felt .

Some Social Benefits were also there 

  • As I have found the pattern of my internal thoughts were drastically improved ,the Dimension of thoughts broadens and ultimately it reflected in my social skill as it boosted and multiplied my confidence  .
  • Another Social benefit I found Is I always maintained positivism towards any of the impacting  thoughts ,I felt Like no vibrations could damage my bodily rhythm so It gave me Boost automatically .
  • You would feel a Psychological Boost in your own .

Some spiritual Benefits 

  • I felt Like cosmic the grasping of Cosmic energy and sense of purity in my body.the pleasurist  approach towards my bodily work .
  • The feeling of supernatural power also could experienced by one if he consistently will do the Yoga .

Some Suggestions 

  • Have proper time and stretch while doing yoga ,because if did it wrongly then you have to be ready for improper results .
  • have proper guidance and start with allowing minimum time per asanas say start from seconds .
  • try to remain in same posture rather than changing the asanas continuously
  • don’t run background music cause it could disturb your whole day.
  • do it after or before escercise no matters ,but Yoga is necessary In your daily Life


Recommanded Yogas From my side 

  • Shavasana
  • Sun Salutation(Surya Namaskar)
  • Matsyasan
  • Shirsashan
  • And finally meditation

Some Rules 

Yam …Niyam ..Asan… Ahar… pratyahar Chintan …Sadhana ….Samadhi

One could say that this article is talking about positives only ,But for those I would like to say ,If you are doing it properly then tell me the negatives /disadvantage of yoga. you will hardly find it ,Because its natural excercise and made for Human for the health and prosperty the ultimate benifits you could have by doing it.

It has nothing to do anything with respect relegion ,The one who will do Yoga he will have the edge in competative Life

Have a peaceful ,Prosperous,Spritual ,Healthy, and More than Wealthy Life So do not hesitate to do Yoga from International Yoga Day.

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Serious Muscle

I bought It from site  This is whey protein I have used during my yoga days ,This was some experiment for me but it has shown some good results on my health .The benefits in stability ,the benefits in strength .though yoga provides us with better and locked energy in body then also sometimes from getting rid of the many issues we should supplement our self with other products also .I took this pre-workout and yoga  If you are also planning to start yoga any time ,you could start with the supplement and get enriched your body in multivitamins .The perfect stack for those looking for all the building blocks needed to bulk up.

State Of Women:India vs US of America

State Of Women:India vs US of America

“Society sometimes rules the rule” today we discussing about women from India and America.

I was surfing the internet,I came across some pages wrote over freedom of women . I read them but where I am living was the different from other.

First we will discuss the women from India.
the women in India is like the example of tolerance. because they always tolerate society ,either it is her house ,office or her environment where she stays .she sometimes or can say tolerate many times the society. Indian women feels that she has more than anything to tolerate,before doing the things like roaming on the streets ,taking with strangers , she many times thinks the protection of herself ,the security of her ,from the crime ,allegations,torturing there are many examples which we see in daily life by our own eyes,we read newspaper we see the things not favouring them ,we see injustice . and that’s reality of India . but on the other side the Indian women’s performance in prospering India’s growth is ultimate. The Indian government ,United Nations Human rights commission ,the regional commission of women supporting and uplifting the dignity of every individual. GOI launches many programme for securing the dignity ,security of women and let then perform in every field where male is standing .

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Lets discuss about women in America . American women is more than free and enjoying absolute fundamental rights . they always have freedom without as much restrictions the Indian women have .from the society and that’s what the fact is.

overall freedom was the point of attraction over the issue ,where the whole society accept the things ,the picture changes automatically .

Some days ago I read news about Pakistan ,that member of parliament proposed a bill for allowing the husband to beat
her spouse.
second example i have found strange which was from India ,in Maharashta the women have presented on the very second day after her marriage because her husband not found bleeding during the intercourse . Very strange na…I have to say here that as place changes scenario changes and the state Of women differs
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An Effective Organisation

An Effective Organisation

Hey Guys Today I and my  mind was discussing with the book about the organisation so we have reached to some conclusion at the end of it and so my brain told me to post it on the blog where you could analyse the transcript of the gossip.

Read More- When I tried speed read,..then?

My Complicated Relationship With Makeup As An Indian Woman 

I was reading the thinkers Book ,(Administrative Thinkers ) where some historic thinkers gave their effective contribution to the world society some of them are  Herbert Simon,Chris Argyriz Karl Marx,Merry Parker Follet etc .they are thinkers and all have contributed to the organisations in which we are enjoying the life of stress free institutions .Ever organisation or management fields must have studied . So, i have came up with some logic that I feel are necessary for the new comers in the business with a short approach.

  • You have to think or try to think the psychological factors of the organisation analytically by which your brain will link the Profit oriented strategies
  • After psychology the role of well peaceful and stability should be their in your mind .
  • The clarity of the organisation always be their .
  • The effective grip  of communication Have to be developed over the personal attitudinal  perception. If you increase your perception then it probably will broadens your understanding and will develop the habit of Understanding the clients of yours .
  • The role of staff generation and belief you will be boosting by having  proper law system .
  • The effective consistency  in your work should be reflected ,in and all


The organisation structure is always reflects a matrix forms where your brains dimension should be matrix neural structure like one neuron have many dendrites ,so the execution of opportunities will take speed and you will be always Continue reading An Effective Organisation

What Human should learn from EAGLE ? -Read to get answer.

” Above + 18 must read above 25 definitely read”

                             The reality I am going to tell has been given as motivational part ,by my professors . so I felt to forward it .

7 yr (in 2009) ago while I was persuading last year of my diploma .Those days were really awesome on the last day of farewell one of my professor suddenly woke up from chair and switched on the projector and said “Today its last academic day and I hope the final lesson which I am going to take will give you enforced strength at the each phase of your age and it could definitely give am edge to your efforts and struggle”
He suddenly started slides where what he explained will make you fueled boost .There is Eagle which at the age of 30 it almost get vanished, like old junk body ,at that age many eagles fails . The one who still wish to be in the world goes to tallest peak of mountain .What they do is they remove all the feathers by their own peak with too much pain, after that they break their own peak by striking on the rock . and remain on the top of hill without food ,which they can not fat without peak. some of then resisted the pain and those who can not jump straight away from mountains and suicides. And those who eagleheadpatiently wait came with the rejuvenated bodily part ,i.e they likely gets a new life and further it last till next 50 yrs of their additional life and finally they make swings from mountains with cheers .

Moral -they explains how eagle struggled and won the life the human at particular age of life should struggle and keep the works the fruits will definitely come.

This story is reality of eagles struggle it helping of a lot so I shared it with you it will give shape to your struggle.
Thanking prof. K.P (IN) for your valuable motivation

The Economics of a Girl Child-Gaurav Agrawal (IAS)

After Amir Khan talked about it on his show Satyamev Jayate the issue of saving the girl child caught the public imagination. The government machinery swung into action and within no time numerous …

After Amir Khan talked about it on his show Satyamev Jayate the issue of saving the girl child caught the public imagination. The government machinery swung into action and within no time numerous advertisements were issued by the governments in newspapers. An example of such advertisements is shown below.
Many facebook pages came up like this using particularly touching pictographic material.

What do we infer from such advertisements / initiatives apart from the fact that obviously the girl child is in danger? These advertisements / initiatives seek to ‘increase the awareness’. They want to make people aware of how important the girl child is. However, the point to be noted here is that they depict the importance of the girl child to the society in general and not to the particular parent. It is this dynamics of the importance of the girl child to the society vis a vis the parent which we will explore in greater detail here. Then the government initiatives largely end here i.e. with the advertisements. True there are many schemes seeking to incentivise the birth of a girl child and laws penalising foeticide, but these are simply haphazard in planning and lax in implementation. Is this sufficient or is there an inherent drawback in this strategy?

Let us examine this issue in greater detail.

The Society versus the Individual

The girl child in current context is clearly a valuable asset to the society. Its simple, we need more girls to restore the gender balance. The other reasons – I needn’t even go into them as they are so well known.

Anyways, the point however is that to a parent, a girl child is a cost. She has to be fed (and hopefully educated) through her childhood and when the time comes to reap the benefits of this investment, she has to be married off and sent away. Her benefits flow to some other family. And not to mention the steep costs of the marriage. Thus to an individual parent couple, a girl child is a loss making proposition.

In other words, the girl child has large positive externalities. (A positive externality is a situation when the benefits of a commodity overflow to the society and can’t be limited to the buyer only. So the buyer derives less benefits and hence pays less. So the production will always be less than the socially desirable level.) In such a condition, left to its own, the society will never produce enough girl children (because producing a girl child is a loss making proposition for the parents so why should they produce a girl child). This is a classic case of market failure and hence we need the government to step in.

Returning to the spreading awareness initiatives, we can now question the effectiveness of this strategy. Are girls being killed really because people don’t know how important they are to the society? No sir no, even if all of us are educated to the highest levels, we will still never produce girl children to the socially needed level. Because the economics of a girl child simply doesn’t make any sense.

Then will reducing the expenses of marriage and dowry address the problem? Well it will certainly increase the number of girls (because the costs of a girl child are now less) but it will never produce the socially needed number of girls.

Will increasing penalties for pre natal sex determination tests help? Certainly it has the potential to correct the imbalance. But that will require a very high level of surveillance. Its biggest weakness is that it is a coercive method and tries to solve the problem without correcting the underlying market economics which gives birth to the problem in the first place.

This brings us to the question that what will work… The economics of the girl child is wrong and clearly we must correct the economics if we are to make any headway. In case of a girl child, marriage and subsequent migration is inevitable. So either we try to change the culture where traditionally the parents can’t live on the daughter’s earnings and daughters start to live with their parents only instead of migrating like the sons or we try to enhance the ‘earning power’ of the girls before they get married.

Changing the former may be a very slow process.. So the government must intervene to enhance the pre-marriage earning power of the girls instead of merely try to ‘spread awareness’. A very good case here is that of Bangladesh where each school attending girl is allowed to carry a bag of rice home every month. And believe it or not, Bangladesh performs better than India on almost all gender related indices. So enough of talk or giving fifty rupees as incentive to BPL citizens on each girl born. We need to correct the economics here.

Source: The Economics of a Girl Child