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What Human should learn from EAGLE ? -Read to get answer.

” Above + 18 must read above 25 definitely read”

                             The reality I am going to tell has been given as motivational part ,by my professors . so I felt to forward it .

7 yr (in 2009) ago while I was persuading last year of my diploma .Those days were really awesome on the last day of farewell one of my professor suddenly woke up from chair and switched on the projector and said “Today its last academic day and I hope the final lesson which I am going to take will give you enforced strength at the each phase of your age and it could definitely give am edge to your efforts and struggle”
He suddenly started slides where what he explained will make you fueled boost .There is Eagle which at the age of 30 it almost get vanished, like old junk body ,at that age many eagles fails . The one who still wish to be in the world goes to tallest peak of mountain .What they do is they remove all the feathers by their own peak with too much pain, after that they break their own peak by striking on the rock . and remain on the top of hill without food ,which they can not fat without peak. some of then resisted the pain and those who can not jump straight away from mountains and suicides. And those who eagleheadpatiently wait came with the rejuvenated bodily part ,i.e they likely gets a new life and further it last till next 50 yrs of their additional life and finally they make swings from mountains with cheers .

Moral -they explains how eagle struggled and won the life the human at particular age of life should struggle and keep the works the fruits will definitely come.

This story is reality of eagles struggle it helping of a lot so I shared it with you it will give shape to your struggle.
Thanking prof. K.P (IN) for your valuable motivation

When I tried speed read,..then?

Now a days many young guys who gotten benefits from reading trying to make sure that ,they need more reading for getting more successful . so when many tries to covering huge books in shorter speed reading, then they find some internet sources and they reach to conclusion. ..that they should try speed read.
this curiosity lead them to go through the speed read programme and spending bucks over their.unfortunately I made that mistake ,but thought you should not commit the same ,so i decided to give my respective which I think is scientifically correct. because I gone through the process of it.

so,what is the speed read?
The rate of normal reading of average individual is something 250 wpm , after speed reading , one tries to double ,triple or tries to finish the 1000 pages book in minimal hours.That could be enjoyable ,but he may end up with 20% -25% retention . and he losses the game their and found waste of hrs.

What exactly happen when we tries the speed reading is?
Well if we want to speed read then concentration phenomena plays a great role one should not avoid it.secondly ,there is neural exchange happens in fast manner . The lack of practiced on regression and succession should be done .otherwise the consequences may lead you to brain damage thing.third, if we does it properly then it will found some healthy therapy on daily activities ,Your speed of doing daily activities will quite improve.The thinking clarity and speed will improve. if followed property.

what you should avoid while speed read?
First,avoid distractions because if you play this act in noise or destruction circumstances then it will be like ,someone who was driving aeroplane and made sudden emergency landing. It will direct to your neural structure and could show bad future for your future.

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