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Story of SAM-Children Abuse

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” Thanks for giving story board to share of pain ,I was nearly 13 yrs of age when i suffered a lot ,suffered so because my Mom and Dad was out of town one day they kept me to neighbor for caring.On that day there  were living some psychopath who beaten me suddenly and I have got fractured on my bones and all .My parents came to know neighbor about this incidence and some controversy,happened and from that day ,I felt something happened to my mind I was unable to play ,my social skill i felt gone if I looked back .And made too much harms to me .In My growth.”  -Sam (Changed Name),SA,CA,USA

Hey Sam Thanks to take efforts to share your story ,We know there are many events which are smaller looks in nature ,nut Impact on our Children which we should observe ,If something Like differently happened phenomena,we could be able to see in children  .then You should definitely inform to care taker /guardian and let help to grow child better do not hesitate to tell about child to his guardian ,after  all its a life things .please share the story of sam and if you wish to contribute Your story Please Visit This Page and fill story board

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