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BlackBerry Passport (32 GB)- black edition

BlackBerry Passport (32 GB)

Hey guys today I bring something special for you Yes the need of yours and mine the mobile gadgets ,and its not simply the mobile it’s something what the Business is and the name of this Gadget is Blackberry Passport so we shall discuss it over Greentwits Gadgets.

Black Berry Passport

So while buying a mobile phone we come across some various dilemma’s so here for you we will discuss it thoroughly but concisely  .

Operating – Mobile phone operate very smoothly as the price is they are totally enriched in interference. Its fast enough for business men ,who do or indulge in the trading and news and who tries to keep themselves smart in daily life  .

The Blackberry Hub –

With the Passport’s BBM Voice, BBM Video Chat and BBM Channels, you can stay connected always. With blinking light notifications for all messages, you won’t miss a thing. You can access all your conversations including email, texts, BBMs, social messages and phone calls at one place.



Thanks to Passport’s wide and responsive screen, you can easily edit documents on the go and hit your deadlines. To store your important documents, photos and more, this phone has an internal memory that can be expanded up to 128 GB.



Security-You can trust the Passport with all your data. This smartphone has an encryption process for messaging and malware protection. Other features include backup, wipe and restore and anti-theft protection.
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Internet browsing is totally fabulous you could love it after all it’s Black berry which keeps ahead to businessmen

If we talk about the performance then this phone provides a seamless performance and fast multitasking as it’s powered by the Blackberry 10.3 OS, 2.2 GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and 3 GB RAM. The 450MHz Adreno 330 gives takes care of all the graphics-intensive tasks.  fabulous na 🙂

Also,you can access all the information recorded on your Passport via your PC or tablet. Get notifications, check email, exchange BBM, text messages, and contacts easily without having to transfer them directly or via the Cloud. which we all called as blend .

apart from it it has quad speaker using very smooth voice and I really loved this phone I wish I have this one in my pocket 🙂 and will get it soon .

So one should never miss the BlackBerry Passport (32 GB) and purchase it online cause online purchase is always an awesome trend .

So try to get ,Guys If you want it through cheaper price then you can download their app here- Flipcart App on mobile to benefits and discount .

Black Berry Passport

This is i think special one to get you through because it worth happiness .Thanks Guys for reading the stuff .Will let you get update daily with various useful things all around the world simply in your browser through Greentwit. See you .

Something You Need To Get smarter in Business

Hey Guys Looking to smarter Business Then This article could be for You too .Every one in life doing something creatives but sometimes the mind need to be dual opinion for one thing and business is one of those things here I have sharing something which will help in getting guts In the business .

Learn something through the podcast a you learning and listen something about money .Further I have elaborated some of the point

  1. Planet Money -well this is something we should take a look at through the news through the TV’s and something we should look it through the Magazine also.
    •  well  it is something one could make our own brain diverse fill it with awareness and grab the opportunities for which you are looking and you will dare to do it .
  2. Did You heard “The Tim Ferriss Show  ” well nor I listened but it something Businessmen suggest to listen .I will Try to listen but please you also listen .
    • Listening to others experience always help so we should not avoid it ,but must execute it with our own plan of action and desires .so do not completely dedicate him because it’s your work which will lead you to success.
  3. Freaking Economics Radio channels you should follow .
    • Sometimes people tends to buy shares and commodities on the basis of news ,some finds quick opportunity through it ,say if someone telling you about pros of one and cons for the other then pros will benefit where cons will the point is it will keep you on the trend .

So My point is to stay update int he surrounding and take a benefits for the better life .

Guys Please Fill Story Board about what you think about business  

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Trending LinkedIn Via GreenTwit -Interview Question By Taylor

How did this position develop?

This is a good conversation starter on your end, says Taylor:

“It demonstrates intellectual curiosity, yet isn’t intrusive or brash. It’s also helpful to let the hiring manager talk, as you gather some history on the position. You’ll get some insight on whether the opening is due to turnover or growth, for example.”

well they basically will relax you by saying this questions .

Secondly they will ask you about .

How does this role fit into the larger objectives of the department and company?

Try to ascertain the big picture in the early stages of the interview, suggests Taylor.

“This will help you better frame your answers in a way that’s more meaningful. It’s easier to sell your skills when you can relate them to the company’s larger strategy,” she says.

‘What do you like most about working here?’

This is a friendly, non-threatening question that works early on because it’s conversational, and you’re showing interest in the interviewer. “It can also be received as flattering, but at the same time, you’re getting to know the hiring manager,” she says.

“Are they thrilled about mentoring their staff, their product or service, the innovative atmosphere? Do they focus on only growth numbers and minimizing expenses, with no mention of the team, training, or growth opportunities? It gives you a sneak preview into your prospective manager’s priorities and all-important personality. This is where it pays to have your people radar up, to evaluate if this is a boss you can respect.”

well guys these are the questions basically on the Taylor’s thoughts ,who was administrative thinker ,Mechanical Engineer too and he developed many theories in public administration .