Issues With Children -The Fight

“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.”
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Hey guys here I today came up  with something very important issue and the issue which we have suffered in our childhood and we grown with it ,may be some of us could be the victim of it also .but we does not let our next generation or ongoing generation let suffer through it. so it’s a step what we should work on and this initiative is created for it. we will make the power of the sharing in power of curing and we let make free the every country,world free from these issue which we have seen or suffered from it .

I will discuss some point first so you could get a clear picture of what child of our generation are suffering from.

  • When Some one punished you without reason by the elders and derived their frustration etc on you.
  • When Someone did something unnatural with you.
  • When someone made you slave and force to work some wrong acts.
  • When someone treat you to perform terrorist things.
  • You became the victim of juvenile crime.

Though the list of the issues is unstoppable i have explained some points but the most part of it is the  Mind Harm ,Physical Harm ,Mental Torture etc 

You also  might have seen always in the news about Child labor ,or pedophile,Child slavery or some group indulge child in terrorist activities like suicide bombing etc .We in daily Life also looking at the many things about this and what we do is just ignoring them and let them hand over to the government level or united nations level ,and one day what happens is your child may become victim of this things .These are the issues like on which we might look into it and make us safe by increasing awareness,

This is the initiative created for this ,Below I am putting the story board in which you may Submit your story ,which should be  real and we will use it as story of awareness. and publish it on the GreenTwit.

Please share to world through Story Board below 

So after submitting we will add your case study as an Victim Base Your name will be changed while doing this ,Green twit Always work on the Logic and gives logical solution to do perform society better .Further we will add pages about to issue and the ideas of solution by considering every area on the world ,It will be fight for the children and let save Child .

Please Share If you are reading an co-operate in the fight to save future child and avoid being victim of children issue.

🙂 Thank You 🙂

We will keep adding the Ideal Issues and evaluate it with holistic approach with the period of time .and we started it from now .

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