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Women’s dream & The Beauty Of Cynderella

Jennifer Fisher JewelryWomen’s dream & The Beauty Of Cynderella

Hey guys was up ,today is something special and I think I will dedicate it to the girls .I have seen a dream today In which the I have seen the past which I have seen in the form of serial ,the serial of Cynderella :),Remember every one what I am talking about ! Cyderella was a prettiest girl who was got hidd self after she had dance with Prince Charles .

Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

Let me rewind you for a while ,Cynderella used to be a poor girl before/treated like a poor slave by her own family ,and she does not got recognise by the many ,means the beauty of her though she was beautiest for Prince Charles  then also she needs to get some dress up and external awareness to get recognise in front of the huge Kinship daughters .So my point is recognition was important for her beauty .do you agree?

One day Prince was father was about to find a Princess for Prince Charles .Every corner of town the king announces for the function where Cynderella’s home also included .now when the time came Cyndrella was working with her usual routine ,and gurds came to invite her family ,with her two sisters .Now on the day of event when time came Cynderella didn’t asked to come by her mom . 😦  and she got upset for a while, but the Cynderella was a girl whose happy and cherish mind let hardly stays her sad . she used to get happy immediately  and that was the inner beauty of her .

Image result for cyndrellaNow ,after whole family gone Cynderrela lucky to have magic moments as always she got in her life and she was prepared to go to the Prince Palace by her subordinates .:) ,Interesting Na.. :)and she finally gone to meet her future Prince .She felt beautiful na..


And I tried to find what she must wear at that time and I will let you show it to you .:)

Dog Tag

iconlooks like she wear it in her neck is Dog Tag with White Diamond Border. which I think bring her luck ,I use to get for my dream Prince




Molten Choker

I thought a lot about what she might wear in her Neck and I found Molten Chokerwhich was brighten her neck like and made her voice pretty beautiful. 🙂 can you imagine guys .


     He migh wear this Small Chaos Cuff
icon in her ear , that’s was so it was looking like magical







Cynderella is s half ready ,remaining parts of her jewellery I am still searching cause she use to create her self perfect for the Prince Image result for cyndrellaCharles





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